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Mountainside High School is pleased to offer different learning pathways for students, dependent on student grade level, through our partnership with ASU Prep Digital.  ASU Prep Digital is part of Arizona State University, which affords several learning opportunities for our students, from course selection to course rigor to concurrent credits.  All students, regardless of choosing online or in-person learning pathways have access to ASU Prep Digital courses.


In-person Blended Learning Pathway

In-person, blended learning is currently available to students in grade 9 only this school year, and grades 9th-10th for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year.  Students participating in-person follow a daily course schedule, Monday-Thursday, based on their course choices and needs. MHS uses a blended learning model where MHS teachers provide live, daily instruction and utilize technology and online learning platforms/programs where students complete classwork.  Students also have the opportunity to participate in ASU Prep Digital courses and these courses are built into students' daily course schedule. Students enrolled in ASU Prep Digital courses are provided weekly live instruction from ASU teachers and are assisted in-person daily by MHS staff who help facilitate ASU Prep Digital classes for students. This means that students are never left on their own to complete their ASU Prep Digital courses and always have access to assistance. All students are provided with a laptop and hotspot (as needed) to complete coursework.

Online Learning Pathway

Online learning is available to all students in all grade levels.  We understand the need for students and families to have flexibility when meeting students' learning needs.  Through our partnership with ASU Prep Digital and their adaptive technologies, online students have access to all coursework needed to earn their diploma and have control over where, when, and the pace at which they work.  Students receive weekly live instruction from an ASU instructor for each of their courses and are supported by layers of personalized instruction and learning coaches.  Because ASU Prep Digital is part of Arizona State University, students also have the option of participating in an accelerated path toward college admission and have opportunities to earn concurrent high school and university credits.  All students are provided with a laptop and hotspot (as needed) to complete coursework.  As a student of MHS, all online students are eligible to participate in all MHS school events, activities, and athletics.
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For Open Scale and/or Concurrent Credit courses, please contact 623-388-2111.
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