Mountainside High School Athletics

MHS offers comprehensive athletic programs for all enrolled high school students. Within the sports programs, student athletes learn the values associated with discipline, performing under stress, citizenship, sportsmanship, confidence, and leadership.

MHS Athletic Calendar


The following calendar is intended to help you stay up to date on all athletic practices, competitions, and related events.  Please note that this calendar is not all inclusive of all MHS school events (please see main page for non-athletic related events) and is subject to change due to unforeseen events, i.e. weather, etc.).        

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Athletic Department Contact

Please contact 623-388-2111 for all athletic inquiries.  

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Transfer athletes

     AIA Brainbook Concussion Course and Opioid Education

MHS Athletic Clearance Packet 23/24

Booster Club Guidelines

Athletic Participation Requirements

    To participate in high school athletics, all student-athletes must complete a student Athletic Clearance Packet and submit it to the Athletic Director.

    Steps for high school participation:

  1. Complete and submit an Athletic Clearance Packet.
  2. Fill in or update all sport, school, athlete, guardian, insurance, and medical information
  3. Freshman and new students must complete the online concussion course (valid for five years)
  4. Transfer students must have their parents complete additional forms
  5. Each athlete must obtain a physical (must be dated after March 1st each year) and complete athletic packet every year.
Athletic Clearance Packet, physical form, and consent to treat forms should be submitted to the MHS Athletic Office. 

The NUSD Athletic Handbook has been prepared in accordance with the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA) and Nadaburg Unified School District Governing Board Policy and is meant to give you a better understanding of interscholastic athletics. All students and parents should review this handbook to assist in the participation of NUSD athletics.

NUSD Athletic Handbook